Vorträge / Poster

10.08.19 Tangocci, E., & Bannert, M. (2019, August). Effects of Virtual and Augmented Reality on Vocational Students’ Learning and Spatial Ability. Poster presentation at the JURE Pre-conference of the 18th Biennial EARLI Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction, Aachen, Germany, August 12-16, 2019.
05.09.18 Bannert, M., Lim, K. P., & Tangocci, E. (2018, September). Evaluationsvorhaben im Projekt Be-IT-Ink. Präsentation bei dem Auftakttreffen des Projektes Berufliches Immersives Training für Inklusion (Be-IT-Ink). Paderborn, Deutschland.