Congratulations to our team member Janina Täschner for receiving the Young Investigator Award of the Division of Educational Psychology of the DGPs. She receives the award for the findings of her research synthesis Promoting Teacher Self-Efficacy. [more]

The former Chairwoman of the Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB) Prof. Dr. Kristina Reiss has been invited as a keynote speaker to the 9th GEBF Conference, which will take place in Bamberg from 9 to 11 March 2022. [more]

At the Network Gender & STEM Conference 2021 at the University of Syndey, we presented the preliminary results of our Research Synthesis Gender-specific Support Strategies. [more]

In their new article "Teacher self-efficacy and self-reported cognitive activation and classroom management: A multilevel perspective on the role of school characteristics", Doris Holzberger and Elisabeth Prestele examine the interplay of individual teacher self-efficacy with school-level efficacy and more external school characteristics. [more]

For her publication on the topic of digital media, Delia Hillmayr, member of our working group "Forschungssynthesen am ZIB", has been awarded the publication prize for doctoral students of the Gesellschaft für Empirische Bildungsforschung (GEBF). [more]

Doris Holzberger and Anja Schiepe-Tiska have investigated the extent to which schools differ in their teaching quality. [more]

We are very happy to welcome Yvonne Holzmeier to the Professorship for Learning and Instruction! Mrs. Holzmeier will be responsible for the communication or our scientific research output. We are really looking forward to working with her! [more]

In collaboration with the Clearing House Unterricht, a short review entitled "Digital tools in the classroom: What types are there and how are they used effectively?" was written. It summarizes the results of a meta-analysis by Hillmayr, Ziernwald, Reinhold, Hofer, and Reiss (2020) and prepares it for use in the classroom. This and many other short reviews on different topics... [more]

We would like to thank Leonie Gossner (University of Zurich) for her work at our professorship. We wish her all the best for the future! [more]

The study of Doris Holzberger and colleagues explores how various teacher characteristics (knowledge, beliefs, self-efficacy, and self-regulation) co-occur at the end of pre-service teacher education. The authors could identify three profiles. The findings emphasize that teacher candidates differ qualitatively in their "starting competence" when entering the teaching profession:... [more]

A new study named “Connecting Judgment Process and Accuracy of Student Teachers: Differences in Observation and Student Engagement Cues to Assess Student Characteristics” was published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Education. The study investigated via eye-tracking how student teachers with high and low judgment accuracy differ with regard to their eye movements as a... [more]

From now on the Professorship for Research on Learning and Instruction will be guided by the slogan understanding & shaping education together. A large part of our work consists of combining research results, e.g. in the form of research syntheses, plus to communicate them in the educational practice. We would like to thank Dr. Annette Spiekermann for the outstanding... [more]

Dr. Sog Yee Mok of the University of Zurich completes a four-week research stay at the Professorship for Research on Learning and Instruction. We are looking forward to a lively exchange and good cooperation! [more]

The practice bulletin entitled “Fostering High-Achieving Students: Insights into Research and Practice" was published by Waxmann both as a print version and as an e-book. The practice bulletin gathers the current state of research regarding the subject “Differentiation measures for high-achieving students in the regular classroom“. In addition to the research findings, further... [more]

With the kind support of Bert Krohn, videos were recorded for the seminar  "Methods of empirical educational research for the teaching profession at vocational schools", which will then be made available to students. In this way, even in times of online teaching contact between lecturers and students can be maintained. [more]

A new article named „All better than being disengaged: Student engagement patterns and their relations to academic self-concept and achievement“ was published with the co-authorship of Prof. Dr. Doris Holzberger in the European Journal of Psychology of Education. A person-centered analysis was applied to investigate how the number of hand-raisings interacts with student... [more]

Sarah Reinhold was interviewed by a student at the University of Tübingen on career paths and career prospects in empirical educational research. Her personal professional biography, with a focus on teacher education as well as her work at the professorship for research on learning and instruction was taken up. The resulting podcast will be made available for teaching purposes... [more]

A meta-analysis named “Simulation-Based Learning in Higher Education: A Meta-Analysis” was published with the co-authorship of Prof. Dr. Doris Holzberger in the peer-reviewed journal Review of Educational Research. The meta-analysis included 145 empirical studies with 409 effect estimations that investigate the effectiveness of various scaffolding types and technology in... [more]

A meta-analysis conducted by the ZIB Research Synthesis Team on the potential of digital tool use in mathematics and science subjects was published in the journal Computers & Education. Selected results are:     Technology-supported instruction in science and mathematics can enhance student learning.     Provision of teacher training significantly moderates the overall effect.... [more]

Educational knowledge includes not only contents related to teaching but also knowledge about educational theory, school organization or knowledge about the teaching profession. The revised BilWiss-2.0-Test to assess the educational knowledge of (prospective) teachers is presented on the data basis from 788 student teachers from several universities. The article presents... [more]

As of mid-April 2020, we are very happy to welcome our new research assistant, Simon Munk, to the Professorship for Learning and Instruction team. [more]

In March 2020 the second, completely revised edition of the book "Praxisleitfaden auffällige Schüler und Schülerinnen. Basiswissen und Handlungsmöglichkeiten" (Practice Guidelines for Pupils with Conspicuous Behavior, basics and possible courses of action) was published by the BELTZ publishing group. The book offers teachers short overviews on more than 50 causes for concern... [more]

Have a look in the ResearchGate project “Research Syntheses & Meta-Analyses in Learning and Instruction”. Here you will find various topics, materials and current publications of our Research Synthesis group that are relevant to educational practice and educational policy. Stay up to date and follow us on ResarchGate:... [more]

Dear visitors! In light of the current situation, please note that our employees are working from home and are best contacted via e-mail. Many thanks! [more]

A review written by our ZIB Research Synthesis team on the effectiveness and the influencing factors of school inspection was published. Selected results of the review: School inspection has potential to fulfill policy enforcement function. No strong indication for positive inspection effects on student performance . Positive perception of inspection quality beneficial for... [more]

A new article in a Springer edited volume describes how the educational knowledge of (prospective) teachers can be measured. In addition to the results of the BilWiss research program, the development of the test is presented and discusses how it is used in teacher education. Click here for more information regarding the complete volume "Student Learning in German Higher... [more]

The Leibniz Network for Research in Teaching has published the supplement "Empirical Research on Teaching Quality - Basic Theoretical Questions and Quantitative Modelling" in the Journal for Pedagogy. Doris Holzberger co-authors the theoretical contribution on the differentiation of surface and depth features. For more information click here . [more]

A new meta-analysis authored by our team is published in the peer-reviewed journal Studies in Science Education: by means of 71 original research articles with a total sample of 3,960,281 secondary students, 260,390 schools, and 285 effect sizes, we examined the role of school characteristics for student engagement, as well as motivational and cognitive learning outcomes in... [more]

On March 9, 2020 Sarah Reinhold for the ZIB Research Synthesis team and Maximilian Knogler for the Clearing House Unterricht team will give a talk followed by a panel discussion entitled "Current findings in educational research: Possibly helpful but difficult to find" at the ALP Academy Experts' Conference. The academy experts are responsible for the design and content of the... [more]

The article „Forschungsflut - Wer hilft mir einen Überblick zu behalten?“ by Doris Holzberger and Lisa Ziernwald was published in the journal Pädagogische Führung (click here for more info). The article provides an insight into the research synthesis group at the Centre for International Student Assessment and illustrates how school practice and research can benefit from each... [more]

Wishing you a very happy Holiday season and a joyous New Year from all the team. [more]

From November 11th to 13th, Janina Täschner attended the kick-off seminar of the TUM Graduate School, a mandatory programme for all doctoral students at the TU Munich during their doctoral studies. On the first morning, Axel Haug, the Center Manager of the Neuperlacher shopping centre PEP, gave the doctoral students an insight into the tasks of a Centre Manager before the TUM... [more]

On November 8, 2019 Delia Hillmayr and Janina Täschner, who are both working on a research synthesis on dealing with school segregation through parental involvement, participated in the 4th International NEPS Conference (National Educational Panel Study) in Bamberg. Eric. A. Hanushek, one of the leading educational economists, gave a lecture on "Improving disadvantaged schools",... [more]

Starting from November 2019, we are happy to welcome our new research assistant, Sarah Reinhold, to the Professorship for Learning and Instruction team. [more]

On the 23rd of October 2019, Lisa Ziernwald attended the Forum on Educational Policy of the Leibniz Education Research Network (LERN) in Berlin themed "Education needs more than a clever mind". Many different participants were at the meeting representing educational research, policy and practice. Prof. Dr. Ingrid Schoon held the keynote on the topic "The relevance of... [more]

On the 15th of October 2019, Prof. Holzberger and Lisa Ziernwald were at the Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Management in Dillingen (click here for more) as part of a course aimed at the Bavarian competence centers for promoting outstanding pupils. Prof. Holzberger and Lisa Ziernwald gave a lecture on the topic "Promoting High Performing Students in Regular... [more]

On the 24th of September 2019, Prof. Doris Holzberger took up the invitation to the LI Landesinstitut für Lehrerbildung und Schulentwicklung, literally the state institute for teacher training and school development) in Hamburg and gave a lecture at the LI Forum on "Transfer of Research Knowledge - Motivational and Emotional Development of (Prospective) Teachers". Prof.... [more]

On 11.09.2019, Prof. Doris Holzberger and Lisa Ziernwald were invited to lecture on "Promoting High-Performance Students - A Research Synthesis" at the German Federal and State Governments’ working group ‘Leistung macht Schule’ (LemaS), literally ‘Performance makes School’), hosted by the KMK (conference of German ministers of education) and BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education... [more]

On the 4th of September 2019, professor Holzberger attended the Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Management (ALP) in Dillingen where she presented the work of the ZIB research syntheses. The academy is a central player in Bavaria regarding teacher training and personnel management, hence is an important partner in the transfer of research knowledge. In the past, the... [more]

The 18th Biennial EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction) Conference took place at RWTH Aachen University from the 12th to August 16, 2019. Focal topic of this year’s international conference was "Thinking tomorrow's education: Learning from the past, in the present and for the future". Dr. Sarah Hofer presented the results of the research synthesis... [more]

Two meetings titled „Analyzing PISA 2018 Data with the PISA Data Explorer and IEA`s IDB Analyzer” and “Item Response Theory and Population Modeling in Large Scale Assessments” took place at the campus of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton from 29.7. to 2.8.2019. The first meeting from Monday untill Wednesday focused on general aspects of analyzing large scale... [more]