Skyline Lecture mit Prof. Dr. Rossella Santagata: "Preparing Teachers for Everyday Learning: The Promise of Video-Supported Analysis of Practice“

Sie sind zu unserer nächsten Skyline Lecture mit Expertenvorträgen zu aktuellen bildungswissenschaftlichen Themen an die TUM School of Education herzlich eingeladen.

Nächster Vortrag mit
Prof. Dr. Rossella Santagata
Education University of California, Irvine – School of Education

Thema: „Preparing Teachers for EverydayLearning:
The Promise of Video-Supported Analysis  of Practice”

Wann: 19.03.2019, Beginn 18.30 Uhr

Wo: HS 605, Marsstr. 20-22, München

Classrooms can be powerful contexts for teacher everyday learning. Yet, little is knownabout the role of teacher preparation in supporting the development of learning-fromteachingcompetencies. In this presentation, I will summarize findings from a longitudinalstudy of teacher preparation. The Learning to Learn from Mathematics Teaching projectexamines the impact of a mathematics methods course centered on analysis of practice onteachers’ knowledge and professional practices over time. I will share evidence from bothquantitative and qualitative analyses and argue for the importance of systematic attention tolearning-from-teaching competencies during teacher preparation. I will conclude bydiscussing the role that video had as a tool for teacher learning in this project as well asdirections for future research.

(Die Veranstaltung ist als schulische Fortbildungsmaßnahme zugelassen.)