"2G rule" (vaccinated or recovered) for students and visitors on all campuses

As of 24.11.2021, only students and visitors providing proof that they are vaccinated or recovered will be permitted to enter TUM buildings. Further Information here.

A good start into the winter semester 2021/22

Dear students
We wish you a good start into the winter semester 2021/22 and are looking forward to welcoming you again to our courses, mostly in presence. You can find our complete course offerings here. Please note that you must register for all courses via TUMonline by October 22, 2021. Please also note the valid 3G regulations when attending face-to-face courses:
Your team of mathematics didactics

Book chapter on the neurocognitive foundations of fraction processing published 

What happens in the brain when we process fractions? This chapter, published in the Handbook of Cognitive Mathematics , provides an overview of research addressing this question. It focusses on studies that use cognitive and neuroscientific methods. The chapter also discusses implications and open questions from an interdisciplinary perspective, including neurscience and mathematics education.   

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Study on prospective teachers' eye movements during task assessment published

Teachers should be able to detect task features that are potentially challenging for students. To that end, they need to identify relevant task features. This study, published in the journal RISTAL–Research in Subject-Matter Teaching and Learning, addressed the question whether eye tracking allows assessing such identification processes.  

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