Dr. Frank Reinhold

Dr. Frank Reinhold

Office: Marsstraße 20-22
Room 260, 2nd floor
Telephone: +49 - (0)89 - 289 - 23709
Email: frank.reinhold@tum.de
Office hours: On appointment.

Short CV

Frank Reinhold studied mathematics education and physics education at the University of Regensburg, Germany. He worked as an academic high school teacher before he started his PhD at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany. He is currently working as an educational researcher in the field of mathematics education at TUM School of Education where he is also responsible for teacher training.

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Teaching in Winter Semester 18/19

  • Didaktik der Mathematik 1: Algebra, Zahlen und Funktionen (Lecture)
  • Seminar zum studienbegleitenden fachdidaktischen Praktikum (Seminar)

Teaching in former semesters: → Link.


Research Interests and Projects

  • ALICE:fractions (Adaptive Learning in an Interactive Computer-supported Environment) → Link.
  • PISA 2018 (Mathematics) → Link.
  • The potential of digital media to support individualized learning in the classroom → Link.
  • Fachgebundener Spracherwerb für Kinder mit Migrations- oder Fluchthintergrund im Fach Mathematik → Link.


Recent publications

  • Hoch, S., Reinhold, F., Werner, B., Richter-Gebert, J. & Reiss, K. (2018). Design and research potential of interactive textbooks: the case of fractions. ZDM mathematics education. doi:10.1007/s11858-018-0971-z
  • Reinhold, F., Hoch, S., Werner, B., Reiss, K. & Richter-Gebert, J. (2018). Tablet-PCs im Mathematikunterricht der Klasse 6. Ergebnisse des Forschungsprojektes ALICE:Bruchrechnen. Münster: Waxmann. → Link.
  • Reinhold, F., Reiss, K., Hoch, S., Werner, B. & Richter-Gebert, J. (2018). Comparing Fractions: The Enactive Way. Supporting Students' Choice of Appropriate Strategies with iPad-Assisted Instruction. Paper presented at the 2018 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. New York. doi:10.302/1303114

Complete list of publications and talks: → Link.