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The Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) is holding its annual meeting on November 18 to 21 -- this year virtually. At the meeting, the History of Technology team of TUM will be present with a panel on "Risky Technologies and Technologies of Risk",... [more]

On 6th October, as part of the 53rd Deutscher Historikertag 2021 (German History Dag) Daniela Zetti presented a talk on the theme "Computergeschichte und die Stolpersteine vergangener Zukünfte" (Computer Histroy and the Stumbling Blocks of Past Futures). The... [more]

Daniela Zetti and Hannah Zindel have published the article, "Archivreisen Teil I: Zuhause im Archiv" (Archive Journeys. Part One: At Home in the Archives), in: Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft, 13 (2021), Nr. 2, p. 152–158. DOI:... [more]

The jury for the 2021 Maurice-Daumas-Preis  of the International Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC) for the best paper on the history of technology has awarded Stefan Esselborn's  "Constructing Crashworthiness. The Experimental Safety Vehicle... [more]

DFG Research Group 2448 – Practicing Evidence – Evidencing Practice hosting a virtual symposium [more]

In his talk as part of the joint Oberseminar presented by TUM History of Technology and the Research Institute of the Deutsches Museum, Stefan Esselborn will present some reflections and preliminary results concerning his current research project on the history... [more]

Karin Zachmann has written the article "Relativ sicher? Das Kernkraftrisiko als Herausforderung der Fürsorgediktatur der DDR" (Relatively safe? The nuclear power risk as a challenge to the welfare dictatorship of the GDR), (pp. 125-170), which appears in Volume... [more]

Logistical Power. Infrastructures and State Formation Beyond the Nation State A workshop organized by the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS), Technical University Munich, and Tema T – Technology and Social Change (TEMAT), Linköping University ... [more]

A new article by Stefan Esselborn and Karin Zachmann has been published in History and Technology 2020 (36): 129-164, titled "Probabilistic risk analysis as an evidence practice for technical safety in the German debate on nuclear energy".  The article explores... [more]

Evidence practices are more timely than ever. During the current Corona crisis, the question which scientific results manage to obtain conviction and validity has become ever more important. The journalist Dörte Hinrichs has produced a 15 minute feature for... [more]