The graduate's centre of the School of Education (EDU FGC) is open to all doctoral candidates. According to the current TUM Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees (Promotionsordnung) all doctoral candidates who enter correctly the doctoral list of the faculty after January 2014 will automatically become members of the TUM-GS.

Consequently the completion of the qualification program stipulated by the doctoral regulations is compulsory. In order to successfully complete a doctorate at TUM, for all new doctoral candidates there is a minimum membership requirement of two years in the TUM Graduate School and the requirement to complete the basic program.

The training courses offered by the TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) support the successful and speedy completion of a doctorate. With the except of several core elements, the majority of the program is flexible in terms of time and content and can be arranged between the supervisor, FGC and the doctoral candidate.

In addition, the doctoral candidates will represent by the elective doctoral candidate's representative in the doctoral candidate's convention and by his speakers in the senate of TUM.

Statute and Order of TUM Graduate School as well as doctoral regulations and guidelines of TU München, can be find under 'Downloads' [→here]

Application steps

  1. Find a Supervisor and define topic

  2. Select your Graduate Center: Usually, the Graduate Center TUM School of Education is the right choice, but you can choose another Graduate Center.

  3. Find a Mentor
    For the Supervision Agreement you need to find a mentor, who will accompany your doctoral projct. A Mentor can encourage the doctoral candidate in his/her personal development. For more information finding a mentor you can contact us.

  4. Download the Supervision agreement of Graduate Center TUM School of Education
    fill it out with your Supervisor and Mentor. 
    Please read carefully the Supervision Agremment. This document specifies the parameters for the planned doctorate. Please make sure you Supervision agreement is signed by you Supervisor, Mentor and the doctoral candidate.

  5. Register online  at
    • Please create only one Account. Saving and logging out ist possible at any time.
    • When all fields are filled in, a PDF with you Application for the Acceptance as Docotral Candidate will be generated. Please print this document and sign it.
    • The Process of acceptance of your application will start.

  6. Submit all necessary Documents at the Graduate Center der TUM School of Education
    • All necessary documents are listes in your „Applicaton for the Acceptance as Doctoral Candidate".
    • International Degree?
      Your international qualification/degree will be examined.

  7. Entry to the doctoral candidacy list
    • Your entry to the doctoral candiday list will be confirmed by email, whereby you become a full menber of the TUM Graduate School.
    • Once you are registred on the doctoral candidacy list, you can also enroll as  doctoral student and thereby take advantage of several benefits available (max. 6 semesters). Application is via TUMOnline.

  8. Membership:  Once you are on the doctoral candidacy list you are a Member of TUM Graduate School. A minumum of 2 years membership at TUM Graduate School rerequisite for the award of doctoral titel.

You will find checklists as well as the Rugulations for the Award of Doctoral Degress of TUM in our  Links and Download.