Links and Downloads

Since 01-01-2014 application for entry in the doctoral list is done electronically by the doctoral candidate. Before registration, please take a notice of the described necessary conditions and regulations.

If the application is recognized and after the personal delivery of the required documents in the deanery, you could be signed in the doctoral list.

  • Application for entry in the doctoral list:
    [TUM DocGS]
  • Submitting of a dissertation:
    Guideline regarding the procedures and required documents can be found:
    [Guide TUM GS]

  • Publishing Dissertation: [Uni Library]

Templates und Forms:

  • Supervision Agreement
    → Template (TUM School of Education): pdf
  • Course participation:
    Important note: Please print out the participation confirmation and let counter-sign the lectures of the seminars. Please fill in your presence time in hours.
    Hand over these participation confirmations to the FGC or upload as pdf in your Doc-GS-Account.
    confirmation subject specific course: [pdf]
    → confirmation transferable skill course: [pdf]

  • Feedbacksession with your doctoral supervisor
    → Handout for Feedbacksession / Evaluation (please ask for englisch version at your FGC)

  • Internationalization:
    → For more information please refer to the website of  TUM Graduate School [→link]
    → Template Application [pdf]

Further Downloads & Links FGC EDU:

  • TUM Graduate School Course Program [ →link]
    → mandatory element: Kick-Off Seminar of TUM Graduate School  [→link]

  • Next Workshop: 'Get Ready for Your Ph.D' at Uni Liberay [→link]

  • Lectorate Service for members of TUM Graduate School: [→link]

  • Good Scientific Practice:
    → TUM Recommendation 'rules of good scientific practice' TUM lega: [→link]
    → Proposals for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice from DFG: [→link]
    → TUM Citation Guide  [→link]
    → TUM Corporate Design Templates [link]

  • Gender and Diversity at TUM School of Education:[→link]
    → List of TUM diversity officers and representatives: [→link]
    → Individual coachings for doctoral candidates and postdocs: [→link]

  • Possibilities of Scholarships and special Fundings:
    → Scholarship programs: [link]
    → Funding through the TUM Graduate School: [link]
    → Opportunities for female doctoral candidates: [link]

Regulation and Statutes:

  • Regularity of the FGC TUM School of Education [German pdf]

  • General questions about TUM Graduate School and TUM Doctoral Regulation
    (since Jan. 2014 and members of TUM GS) [→link]

  • Regulation for award of doctoral degree at TU München [→TUM Legal]