Diversity at the TUM School of Education

The TUM School of Education is the youngest faculty of TUM and has pursued a consistent equality strategy since its establishment. 

The faculty from the humanities and social sciences working at the TUM School of Education not only has a strong awareness of the problems involved, but also a sound knowledge of how to explain and act on gender and diversity issues. Dealing with diversity is an important topic in empirical educational research, which shows, among other things, that structural conditions and guidelines have little effect without a change in the culture of dealing with and working together.


Central points of the Gender and Diversity culture are:

  1. Gender-appropriate management style, practiced personnel welfare, professional equality of opportunity taking into account all aspects of diversity (including gender, origin, illness, extra-occupational burdens)
  2. Best possible working conditions (in terms of space, time, finances and equipment)
  3. Flat hierarchies
  4. Work-Life-Balance
  5. Clear commitment to values:
    •  Fairness
    • Transparency
    • Jurisdiction
    • Responsibility
    • Open discussion culture


Wanted: Student / research assistant (m/f) to support the Women's Representative

The TUM School of Education has pursued a consistent equality strategy since its foundation. The goal is to develop measures that enable the acceptance of diversity and the possibilities of inclusion, taking into account the respective life circumstances. An example of these measures is the EDU children's room, which can be used by students and employees to support the compatibility of family and studies or career. We are looking for a student / research assistant for the next possible date and are very pleased about your interest!


You can find more detailed information in the tender text .