Teaching at Vocational Schools - Economic Education

Students applying for this program must hold a Bachelor degree in Business Studies.

The M.Sc. Economic Education course provides students with the necessary didactic and pedagogical spezialisation skills for teaching at vocational schools and also qualifies a graduate to commence the Referendariat (teacher trainee internship at a public school). Successful completion of the Referendariat is a precondition for future employment at public schools.

Graduates can also find employment at private business schools, colleges, academies or comparable institutions.

At this stage, Masters graduates will have attained the level of knowledge and skills required to commence an academic career in business studies, especially in economic education.

Mandatory studies in the Masters program include teaching theories and methodologies related to the topics listed below.

  1. Educational Sciences (Pedagogy, Psychology, Didactics)
  2. Current issues in education (such as Cultural Diversity or Inclusion)
  3. Business Education

Students wishing to take an Additional Teaching Subject can select one item from the list below.

  • Chemistry
  • Informatics
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Social Studies