Examination Board Master Research on Teaching and Learning

The Examination Board is responsible for administering examinations. It makes all necessary decisions unless these General Academic and Examination Regulations provide that decisions are the examiners' responsibility or where decisions are required during the examination process and must therefore be made by examiners or proctors.

The Examination Board Master Research on Teaching and Learning consists of five members. At least one representative of the Departmental Student Council will be invited to attend meetings of the Examination Committee. The Examination Committee Master Research on Teaching and Learning is chaired by Dr. Jutta Möhringer (2nd chair person: Prof. Tina Seidel).

Your contact person and secretary of the Examination Board is Monika Ritscher.

Please contact the examining board if you have queries/requests regarding the following topics:

  • accommodating disabilities
  • unfair or defective procedure
  • requests for an extension of the deadline (e. g. problems concerning the study progress)
  • subsequent examination registration
  • problems with the Master's Thesis (e. g. decline the topic, extension of the submission deadline, recognition, preparation at an institution other than the TUM)

What to do in case of illness

Information about withdrawing from examination can be found on this page. The TUM Partner Physicians can be found at the TUM homepage for informations on Withdrawing from Examinations and Medical Certificates as well as on the TUM homepage via „During Your Studies“ in the subsection In cases of emergency.