Welcome to the TUM School of Education

As Dean of the faculty TUM School of Education, I would like to thank you for your interest. I hope you will find up-to-date and stimulating information here relating to study and research. The faculty currently has some 1,200 students engaged in teacher training, as well as numerous staff in the 18 chairs and departments.

All of them have opted to study and research in one of Germany's most innovative institutions for teacher training and educational studies.

Due to the fact that the faculty for teacher training and educational studies has been newly founded - it is the first of its kind in Germany - we can control how our resources are deployed at the university. This means we are able to work together with the other faculties to develop effective teacher training programs.

We train teachers for vocational schools and secondary schools (Gymnasien). In academic terms, students are at home in our faculty: it is our aim to provide excellent academic preparation for them in terms of their subject specialism, in particular the educational challenges relating to their discipline.
Thanks to close collaboration between the TUM School of Education and schools in the surrounding area, we are able to provide trainee teachers with optimum practical experience. At the same time we regard this network of schools as a field in which to try out new subject teaching approaches - a kind of laboratory for teaching development.

Our Master Research on Teaching and Learning is particularly suitable for students from abroad.

Our research focuses are on the areas of educational studies, pedagogy and didactics. Current research projects in the area of teaching and learning include PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), intercultural education in vocational education, studies on learning locations outside the school and mathematics at elementary school age.

All in all, we can offer you an attractive research setting with excellent opportunities in teacher training and educational studies.

Prof. Dr. Kristina Reiss
Dean of the Faculty TUM School of Education