About us

TUM School of Education is the thirteenth TUM faculty,
and the very first faculty in Germany to be dedicated
entirely to initial and further training of teachers in the
subjects of mathematics, computer studies, science
and technology (the so-called MINT subjects).



The faculty calls itself a School as it is modeled on the professional schools at American universities. Like these, it has the following defining characteristics:

  • Interdisciplinary approach: teaching and research are carried out on a cross-disciplinary basis.
  • Practically oriented: since there is an extensive cluster of schools, students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom from the very beginning.
  • Joint appointments: professors from specialist subject departments can also be assigned to the TUM School.

As a separate faculty, TUM School of Education retains its independence within the university and can therefore provide optimum support to meet the needs of trainee teachers.

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